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Online driving licence Computer test exam for Karnataka in English – RTO Exam

1. The following sign represents


2. You are approaching a narrow bridge, another vehicle is about to enter the bridge from
opposite you should


3. In a road without footpath the pedestrains


4. On a road designated as one way


5. Free passage should be given to the following types of vehicles


6. When a vehicle is involved in an accident causing injury to any person


7. The following sign represents


8. How can you distinguish a transport vehicle


9. When a vehicle appoaches an unguarded railway level crossing before crossing it the
driver shall


10. Validity of learners licence


11. Near a pedestrian crossing when the pedestrians are waiting to cross the road you should


12. The following sign represents


13. You can overtake a vehicle in front


14. The following sign represents


15. The following sign represents


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