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Safe Driving Rules

Safe Driving Rules

  • Observe the Rules of the Road, and restrict the accidents.
  • Before entering into turning, be slowly and observed then take turning. Otherwise there will be possibility for accidents.
  • Do not compete with the front vehicle, and not ply your vehicle to speedy, Rash, and negligent, there may cause accidents due to over-taking.
  • As per the environment. slowing down the speed of your vehicle.
  • Vehicle should not be halted in “No parking places”
  • Don’t consume intoxicants and ply the vehicles.
  • Observe the traffic rules “No entry” and “One way”
  • While plying the vehicles, Compulsorily show the “hand Signals”
  • Always ply the vehicle in left side, and given way to other people. While plying the vehicles, Compulsorily show the “hand Signals”
  • Running vehicles should not be halted on foot-path, violating the rules will be penalized/punished.
  • In driver’s attending duty. others should not cause disturbance.
  • Don’t halt the vehicle, without proper reason.
  • For wall conditioned mottor vehicle, one man in back-side allowed to sit.
  • Documents should be produced during the time of checking.
  • Driver should observe the ply signals, during the railway level, crossing, when railway gate man absent.
  • In certain times, driver should compulsorily stop the vehicle.
  • At the times of accidents, the driver should taken the responsibilities in admitting the victim in hospital and he should informed about the accident to police.
  • Exceeded the speed limits, of the vehicle, Rs 400/- penalty will be levied by officials.
  • If drunkard plied the vehicle, nature of intoxicant, and damages.
  • Vehicles will be seized without registration, permit, driving license (Original documents to be produced, Xerox copies will not be accepted).
  • During the time of “Over-Take” first apply horn, and given signal to front vehicles, and from right side overtaken the vehicle.
  • Time is very valuable, life is more valuable than it.
  • During the time of “Over-Take” first apply horn, and given signal to front vehicles, and from right side overtaken the vehicle.
  • During the time of break fail, apply top to second gear, second gear to first gear hen vehicle will be slow down.
  • In first-aid box, tincture, cotton, cloth, scissor, apply the first aid to accident meted victim and admit in hospital and further informed to police.
  • Driver should wear “Uniform”.
  • In your utter negligence behaviors don’t play with other fellowmen lives.
  • Remember that you are the bread winner to your family.
  • With your negligent behaviors, don’t cause the others as orphans and handicapped.
  • Re precautions. Carefully ply the vehicle.
  • Slow and steadiness always good. Be careful while plying the vehicle.
  • Consuming alcoholics is harmful to life.
  • Over-speed is always Harm to everyone.
  • Lights dim dipper should utilize compulsory during nights. If not utilized the opposite vehicle, may caused the accident due to non-clearance of the road way. Hence during nights compulsorily use lights dim dipper.
  • Observe the traffic signals – Obstruct the accidents.


We assist you in all RTA works like:

  • NOC to other states
  • Hypothecation cancellation
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Tax payment for other state vehicles
  • Licence process
  • International licence process
  • Change of address
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle fitness